October 13th, 2008

Greetings from Rum Cay,Bahamas and Relentless Sportfishing.
It has been a while since my last report. To long. And it is because we have not been fishing since the middle of July, that is until last week when long time visitor to Rum Cay and the Relentless Dana Murphy made the trek to come fishing. And he hit it at a great time. Our very infrequent fishing trips during the fall only gave us the slightest idea of what to expect.

Dana Murphy fishing in Rum Cay Bahamas
Dana Murphy enjoys calm waters and hungry wahoo aboard the Relentless in Rum Cay, Bahamas. Photos of a few of his wahoo can be found in the right hand column of this page.

Our first day out we did not have to wait long before Dana was hooked up to a small blue marlin which he dispatched very quickly. After tagging and relealing the estimated 100lb. blue marlin we hooked up to another blue but jumped him off. But it wasn't long before the reel screamed with what turned out to be a 78lb. wahoo. By all reports and our experience the fall has been a good time to fish for big wahoos. The action stayed steady and we caught an additional 2 wahoos over 50lbs and a dolphin before coming in to call it day. The following day picked up were we left off except the wahoo bite was even better. We had several wahoos over 50lbs along with 2 yellowfin tunas and a couple of dolphin. Sushi and tuna tataki prepared by LaRue were on the menu and needless to say were excellent. The boy has talent.

Day three was again a repeat with the wahoo providing the majority of the action. 5 wahoo,1 yellowfin and a couple of 'sabre tooth trout' filled the fish box to overflowing. Worn out and happy we returned to the dock and yet another gourmet meal. Our last day was a short one but we still had more than enough fish to again fill the box. And Dana caught an 87lb. wahoo to finish off the trip. Sadly we said good by to Dana but we are lookng forward to his return, hopefully in the near future.

As is the case after a trip LaRue and I ran to San Salvador to fuel up and decided to fish our way home. Again the fish cooperated and we caught 4 wahoos on the way home.A fine 'bussmans' holiday.

So for all of you wondering where to fish in the fall, it's here. We are ready and waiting as are the fish so see you soon! So until my next report...

Tight lines,
Captain Ross 'Flash' Clark

July 11th, 2008
Hello from Rum Cay and Relentless Sportfishing. We have a few days off after our last friends left and I finally got down to writing the 'fishing stories'.

Right after Joe Hurwitz and his gang left, friends and frequent Rum Cay fishermen from my hometown of Savannah Georgia arrived to great weather. Stan 'The Man' Strickland and his two sons, Tim 'BC Boy' and Rhett 'Lucky' Strickland, along with Lou 'Blue Lou' and Glover 'The Lover' Manning brought their good luck along with those damn good Georgia shrimp. Our first day the birdshow was on and Tim caught his first blue marlin and a 110lb. yellowfin tuna. Not to be left out Rhett got on the board with a blue marlin. Glover and Stan participated catching wahoo and tuna but they left the marlin to the boys. And as good as the fishing was the food prepared by Lou and Stan almost overshadowed the action on the water. From shrimp to conch fritters and cracked conch to fried wahoo the dinners 'rocked the house'. The trip sadly came to an end but we had released 3 marlin in the final count.

ABOVE: Savannah, Georgia friend and frequent Rum Cay fisherman Stan "The Man" Strickland get's a little face-time with a hefty Yellowfin Tuna caught just off Rum Cay.

Our next guests were first timers to Rum Cay and the Relentless. Craig Firing and Kevin Thomas kept the marlin count up beginning the first day out. Craig released an estimated 200lb. blue marlin in the afternoon of day 1 and then Kevin was up to bat. The next day we hooked up to a nice blue and unfortunately after a long fight we pulled the hook. Day 2 had Craig releasing another marlin and late in the day the birds showed up on the Northeast Point of Rum and we caught a nice yellowfin tuna for dinner. For the trip we ended up 3 for 5 on marlin and once again had made new friends.

Our next guests, well what can I say other than my old friends Susan and Randy Ward finally made it to Rum Cay. Randy, Susan and I have been fishing together for over 15 years in Costa Rica and Guatemala and it was great to see them in Rum Cay. And as in the past we caught 'em up. Randy released 3 blue marlin with the opening salvo being a 400lb.+ fish that put on a great aireal show at the boat. He followed up the next day releasing 2 marlin to put the finishing touch on a great reunion.

This has been a particularly good season of fishing and fun but it's not over yet. So until my next report, thanks again to everyone who made the trip over and we are looking forward to your return. Until later..

Tight lines,
Captain Ross 'Flash' Clark

June 21st, 2008
Hello from Rum Cay and Relentless Sportfishing. Again it has been awhile since my last report but with good reason, back to back charters and good fishing have kept us busy.

Memorial Day weekend saw first time Relentless guests Robert 'Barracuda Bob' Winfield, Adam 'City Boy' Winfield, Greg 'Doctor Feelgood' Zwack and Mike Nestico arrive with good luck and good weather. A combination of fishing, snorkeling and traveling kept interest and anticipation high. After fishing and snorkeling around Rum Cay for a couple of days, Mike suggested we do an overnight trip to Crooked Island to change things up. A good move! We left Rum Cay early and ran to Bird Rock putting lines in around 10:30 in the morning. Fishing until around 5 we caught a wahoo and a dolphin. The next day we left the anchorage at 6:30 with Greg and Mike while Bob and Adam stayed in to explore a little. We did not have to wait long before we raised a blue marlin and things picked up from there. By 11:00 we had raised 5 marlin, had 3 bites and released one. A good bird show led us to the yellowfin tunas and Mike and Greg sacked 'em up putting 5 40-50lb. tunas in the box. As tough as it wasto do, we left the bite to run in and pick up the Winfield team. Again we found the birds and both Adam and Bob caught with 'Barracuda Bob' catching the big one for the day. We eventually had to leave the fish biting and returned to Rum for a fine tuna dinner.

Ed and Gerrie DeMaria along with their good friends Dave and Jeanne Cvetas arrived in Rum Cay next to test the waters. While fishing was a little slow Ed did release a blue marlin and we chipped away at the tunas and dolphin over their 4 day stay. Even with a temporary slowdown in fishing we all had a great time and , as is the case with charter fishing, friendships we forged. Both Bobby and I were a little sad to see this group leave but we are looking forward to their next trip.

After a one day reprieve our old friends and frequent guests Joe Hurwitz, Tom 'Batman' Terril and Ed Curtis returned. Additionally they brought their friend, and first timer to Rum Cay, Mikey Finch. After picking up these guys in the afternoon from San Salvador we ran back towards Rum Cay and threw the lines in. With only a few minutes left to fish Ed Curtis hooks up to a nice blue marlin that put on a great show and fight. After over an hour and a half Ed caught his first blue marlin! Not to be left out the next day Mickey Finch repeated this feat and released his first blue marlin. Tunas and dolphin came over the side and the good times rolled. Great tuna dinners, blue marlin and good friends. Does it get any better? This is this gangs fourth trip to Rum and we are looking forwar the their next trip.

I would like to say thanks to everyone who has made the trip to fish with us. One of the great things about charter fishing is meeting and making new friends and this year has been exceptional in that department. So until my next report, good luck fishing.

Captain Ross 'Flash' Clark

May 27th, 2008

Greetings from Rum Cay.... Finally, after a trip to the states with the Relentless for our annual maintenance/haulout/provision trip, we returned to the island and started our blue marlin season. And our first guests of the season were not dissappointed. New friends and first timers to the Relentless, Tim Jubach and his sons Chris and Tim Jr. along with Faryt'Pepine'Kalhil arrived to great weather and a good blue marlin bite.

On our first day things began slow, we caught a dolphin in the 20lb. class and a couple of cudas in the morning but the afternoon heated up with billfish bites. All of the Jubach clan released marlin with Chris tagging and releasing a white marlin and Tim Sr and Tim Jr. each tagging and releasing blue marlin in the 200lb+ category. And we wound up jumping off one more.

Day 2 the weather and conditions were perfect and we had lines in the water for less than an hour when we had a bite from a blue marlin which promptly jumped off. We didn't have long to wait before we hooked up to a marlin in excess of 400lbs which put on quite a show for the first 10 minutes. Faryt had his hands full as the fish pulled off 400 yards of line on her initial run. After 20 minutes of hard work Faryt had her close to the boat but she wasn't done and began a long run. As luck would have it after 45 minutes we pulled the hook. The big one got away! But that's what keeps you coming back and we are looking forward to their return.

We are in for a few days and then begin a long stretch lasting until the middle of July with very few open days. We do, however, have some prime dates available and with the way the season is shaping up anyone interested in marlin fishing should contact me soon. We have July 6th-12th and July 20th-31 available and any of these dates will produce good action. So until my next report

Tight lines
Captain Ross'Flash'Clark

March 24th, 2008
It has been quite some time since our last fishing report and the reason is we have been fishing practically everyday. The bite is the best I've seen in my 4 years experience here on Rum Cay and the best my employer , Dave Cummings, has seen in 12 years fishing here.

ABOVE: Good friend, Buz Gardiner, with a nice Rum Cay Yellowfin Tuna

Arriving on Super Bowl Sunday Dave started fishing the next day. Good friend and part time island resident Buz Gardiner also arrived shortly after Dave and the games began. Without detailing each day's catch we have been filling the fish box almost everyday with dolphin, tunas and wahoos. Buz had some great catches with a 76lb. yellowfin tuna, a 48lb dolphin and numerous wahoos over 40 lbs. On one day he caught 14 dolphin and a tuna filling the fish box and working on filling the under deck ice hold.

ABOVE: Buz Gardiner shows off a few Wahoo and a nice bull Dorado from Rum Cay.

The billfish have made a strong showing early in the season which is very encouraging to see this soon in the year. We have released 3 white marlin and have very skillfully eluded quite a few more once again being humbled by them. And just yesterday with just Dave Cummings and myself on the boat I took a 'bussman's' holiday and caught a blue marlin. This is the first one I personally caught in over 10 years!

The Outdoor Channel's show, World Class Sportfishing, featuring Rum Cay and the Relentless aired over the last couple of months to good reviews and response. Angler Mark Berry along with hosts Captain Peter Wright and Sue Vermillion arrived to a good marlin bite and Mark caught and released his first blue marlin, which as you know, is quite an accomplishment. As a result of the show we have received quite a few inquiries and have booked a number of trips for this coming marlin season but there are a few good dates left so for those of you who are interested in coming to our island paradise and catching blue marlin, please get in touch. So until the next report.....

Tight Lines,
Captain Ross"Flash"Clark


Best times to fish the BAHAMAS

The Bahama Islands have produced over 50 world record catches. The flats and deep waters of the Bahamas are suitable for beginners and sportfishing enthusiasts alike. WIth over 700 islands and countless reefs, banks and fish holding edges, the waters here are teeming with life. Deep sea, blue water charters, fly-fishing, top water action, insane billfishing... it's all here at Rum Cay. Relentless Sport Fishing Charters can get you on the fish virtually year round for game fish like: Marlin, Dorado, Wahoo, Bonefish, Tuna, Kingfish, Amberjack, Sailfish, Shark, Permit... truthfully too many to list!

Below you'll find a condensed Bahamas fishing season chart that will give you an idea of what we catch and when the best months are for any given game fish species.



MARLIN, BLUE                        
MARLIN, WHITE                        
BOTTOM FISH                        

Dana Murphy with some Rum Cay wahoo

Longtime friend and frequent Rum Cay angler, Dana Murphy (above), landed some quality wahoo on his latest trip to Rum Cay, Bahamas. These hoo's made it to the dinner table after our own Bobby LaRue worked some of his magic in the kitchen. Nothing better that some fresh fish !!

July Blue Marlin Bite

So, what do you do after catching and releasing a nice big Blue Marlin in the Bahamas? You take the plunge… even if it's with the help of a few of your friends!

Above are just a few photos from late May and early June to tease you all with! The Tuna bite has been great with Dorado and Wahoo filling out the mixed Game Fish bite. Big, healthly Blue Marlin are cruising the waters off Rum Cay and Relentless has had plenty of raises and releases to give our recent guests, like Mike Nestico and friends, good reason to smile! Hope to see you soon in Rum Cay to share the thrill of Bahamas sport fishing with you too!!

Above are a few photos of Patrick and Scott Rubsamen's recent trip with friend, Mike Pedsotti. The trio made the most of our island paradise by spending their days surfing and fishing the pristine waters of Rum Cay. We'd like to thank the boys for the great time we had with them and look forward to their return later this summer.

Blue Marlin season is just around the corner, so why not take a cue from the Rubsamen crew and book your Bahamas Sport Fishing Vacation now before we're all booked up!

RUM CAY & Relentless Sport Fishing were on television!! IGFA Angler's Digest made a special trip down to Rum Cay in April and filmed with us for two days. While we didn't raise any marlin, we did have some terrific action on Dorado, Wahoo, Big Barracuda and a Yellowfin Tuna – the Tuna came up head only as we watched a tiger shark eat just about the entire body in a single bite.

For more information about IGFA Angler's Digest, visit their website.

If you'd like to purchase a DVD that features RUM CAY fishing with Bill Boyce and the IGFA Angler's Digest crew, visit their website and take a look at their 3 DVD set or single DVDS with Rum Cay fishing aboard Relentless.

Angler's Digest Rum Cay Fishing DVD